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Dr. Thomas Biggs ● Dr. Arlin French
Board Certified Ophthalmologists

Patient Co-Management

Oakland Eye Care works with many optometric and primary care doctors in the area. We’ll be glad to work with your doctor in managing your vision care. If your doctor recommended Oakland Eye Care as a specialty care provider, you may have come to this site because you are looking for information about our surgeons, procedures or online financing.

Doctors refer patients to Oakland Eye Care because of our dedication to leading-edge surgical care and advanced disease treatment. We work with referring doctors by educating them on the co-management of surgical procedures such as cataract surgery and Laser Vision Correction. This training provides the doctor with the knowledge needed to determine whether someone is a good candidate for a procedure, and also on how to care for a patient after a procedure. This means that you can see your regular eye doctor for all pre-surgical testing. Then a Dr. Biggs  will perform your procedure at a local surgery center. Following your procedure, you’ll return to your regular eye doctor for post-surgical care. Of course if you have questions or concerns, you’re always welcome to call our office for assistance at 248.620.3000.

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