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Light Reactive Variable Tint Lenses – TRANSITIONS®

Do You Spend a Large Portion of Your Day Going Inside, Then Outside Again?

Do You Constantly Have to Change From Your Clear Glasses to Sun Glasses?

If you answered “YES!” to either of these questions, Light Reactive Variable Tint Lenses may be the right choice for you. Having a pair of Light Reactive Variable Tint Lenses may eliminate your need for more than one pair of glasses for most of your normal activities. Oakland Eye Care offers the TRANSITIONS® brand of lenses that use Photochromatic Lens Technology to automatically automatically adjust to your changing light environment, continually providing you with the optimal amount of lens tint..  Transitions® lenses offers a number of options that fit a variety of lifestyles.

M03-10 Light Reactive Variable Tint Lenses

When inside, the Transitions® lenses are clear similar to standard lenses. But when you go outside, they react to ultraviolet light, automatically darkening, transforming them into sunglasses.  These lenses are not as likely to darken in a car but there are now varieties of these lenses that will also provide some tint even when in a vehicle.

M03-09 Light Reactive Variable Tint Lenses

These lenses are scratch resistant and also include the additional benefits of providing UV protection for your eyes.

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