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Dr. Thomas Biggs ● Dr. Arlin French
Board Certified Ophthalmologists

YAG Capsulotomy

A posterior, YAG Capsulotomy is a non-invasive laser procedure to eliminate the cloudiness that can interfere with a patient’s vision after cataract surgery. In modern cataract surgery, the natural lens is removed, but a thin “capsular” membrane that held the natural lens is left in place to hold the intraocular lens. However, at sometime, weeks, months or even years after cataract surgery, the posterior or back portion of the capsule becomes cloudy. This typically causes blurry vision and many patients actually think their cataracts are growing back, but this is not what is happening.

To restore clear vision, our doctors will use a YAG laser to create an opening in the center of the cloudy capsule. The opening allows clear passage of the light rays and eliminates the cloudiness that was interfering with your vision. Your eye will be completely numb with eye drops; no injections or needles are used. The laser procedure takes only a few minutes.

If our doctors feels that you would benefit from a YAG Capsulotomy, it will be considered a medically necessary procedure, which is typically covered by your health insurance plan except for applicable copays or deductibles.

If you notice a change in your vision, or would like more information about this procedure you can make an appointment or contact the office.

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