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Dr. Thomas Biggs ● Dr. Arlin French
Board Certified Ophthalmologists

Surgery Instructions

After you have your eyes examined and you have made the decision to have cataract surgery.

You will sit down with one of our trained surgery boarders. They will make up a small calendar for you with appointment dates to come back for measurement of your eyes called an Ascan. You will not be dilated for this appointment, but you will receive some artificial tears to use prior to coming in for your measurements so that dry eyes will not affect measurements. This measurement gives our boarders a guideline as to what type of lens your doctor will offer, and explain all your options. Your calendar will list your day of surgery but not the time, which depends on the surgical center.  It will also list the day and time for any post-op appointments.

You will be given a prescription for eye drops to be started before your surgery.

We will show you a brief video that educates but also helps you think of questions you might like to ask.

You will sign your informed surgical consent.

Before your surgery day, the surgical center will call you and review your medical history and the medications you take along with the dosage.

You are ready for specific instructions

Click on YOUR physician’s name for further instructions on Cataract Surgery preparations.

Dr. Thomas Biggs

Dr. Arlin French

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