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Dr. Thomas Biggs ● Dr. Arlin French
Board Certified Ophthalmologists

Optical Warranty

Thank you for trusting us with your eye care needs. We value you as a patient and as an expression of Oakland Eye care’s confidence in our products, we offer the following warranties listed below at no charge to you. Please understand that your eyeglasses are custom made using your prescription with your lens and frame choices. Therefore, all sales are final and no cancellations are permitted. Because your eyewear is custom made just for you, if your eyewear is not picked up within 6 months from the date of purchase, your deposit will be lost and your eyewear no longer available.

One Year Warranty

Frame: Warranted to be free of manufacturers’ defects.
A one-time replacement for frames damaged or broken due to misuse, accidents or neglect* will be allowed at 50% off original retail cost.

Lenses: Warranted to be free of manufacturers’ defects.
A one-time replacement on scratched, broken or chipped lenses at no charge will be allowed.

Scratch resistant or non-glare treatments do not make your lenses scratch proof. Proper care should be taken (see care instructions given at dispense). Cleaning non-glare lenses with products containing ammonia, (such as Windex) voids the warranty.

Fit adjustments are free, as are most minor repairs (replacing screws, nose pads, and minor frame realignments). Oakland Eye Care cannot be held liable for any breakage or cosmetic damage that occurs in the process of attempting repairs.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

  • 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee of Varilux Progressives No-line Multi-focal Lenses: If you are not completely satisfied with your new progressives, we will replace them with a lined bifocal, trifocal or single vision lens at no additional charge to you. There is no refund for any price difference. The new lenses must be put into original frame purchase.
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are in any way unhappy with your style selection, you may exchange frame styles, one time, using your one tie warranty replacement (see lens warranty). There is no refund for any price difference.

Oakland Eye Care will bill your insurance as a courtesy to you Any materials rejected or not covered by your plan will be your responsibility.

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